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LifeStyle Segmentation

Marketing activity in general and customer loyalty programs in particular require a profound knowledge of the addressee – of Company’s Target Customer. The issue that provokes the major part of concerns is who this Target Customer is and which is the appropriate principle to identify him.
LifeStyle Marketing has a special module to enable Retailer to find the right answer to this question – LifeStyle Segmentation.

LifeStyle Segmentation – what is it?
Consumer’s way of living – his lifestyle – is the factor that determines his/her purchasing behavior (preferences, shopping schedule and geography, etc.).
LifeStyle Segmentation uses this knowledge to model Customer Behaviour and to receive an automatically discovered Target Customer Portrait – for every loyalty program event (marketing promotion, special event, etc.). The objective is to maximize their profitability and the whole program’s success in the end.

Key functions:
  • Design a buyer behavior model
  • Determine sets of behavior parameters that would allow to distinguish profitable (potentially profitable) buyers from unprofitable ones
  • Build Target Customer portrait
  • Apply an individual approach when addressing customers (when planning coming promotions and assessing their financial result)
  • Assure economic efficiency of every planned marketing event
Features & Benefits
  • Employs primary data – history of Customer buying behaviour
  • Doesn’t require preliminary data adjustment
  • Assures thorough insight into Customer spending patterns including reaction to marketing campaigns
  • Presents a basis for target marketing (Customer-centric expenses)
  • Improves accuracy when calculating expected profitability of promotional campaigns
Segmentation – it’s division of your consumers into different homogeneous groups.
  • It stimulates your marketing
  • It helps you identify your target market among all market segments
  • It enables you to determine the people most likely to buy your product
  • It transforms your business to new levels of success

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